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HomeDrain® Pits

Plastic and polymer pits for gardens and pathways.

PointDrainACO offers a complete system of stormwater pits with grates to suit all applications around the home, office and garden. Pits are available in either moulded plastic for light duty use or strong polymer concrete for vehicular traffic.

ACO offers grates to suit either pedestrian or vehicular traffic and for the pits, ACO offers a rising section for ultimate versatility of height.

  • Light duty plastic grated pits for gardens and pathways
  • Medium duty polymer concrete pits for driveways and garages
  • Variety of grates for pits – plastic, aluminium or steel
  • Polymer concrete riser available for medium duty use
  • Preformed knockout for pipe connection on both plastic and polymer concrete pits
  • Ideal for corner applications
HomeDrain Pits Features
1Plastic grate
Aluminium grate
3Shallow plastic pit
4Regular plastic pit
5Galvanised steel grate
Strong polymer riser
7Strong polymer pit

Plastic pits for light duty use
Product Part No. Width
PPS22SP shallow pit with plastic grate 142963 200 x 200 40 0.5
PPS22SA shallow pit with aluminium grate 142964 200 x 200 40 0.5
PPS22P pit with plastic grate 70387 200 x 200 275 1.0
PPS22A pit with aluminium grate 70392 200 x 200 275 1.6
PPS33A pit with aluminium grate 70404 300 x 300 300 4.0
PPS45L pit with light duty steel grate 70411 450 x 450 600 12.4
PPS45M pit with medium duty steel grate 70429 450 x 450 600 14.0
PS66L pit with light duty steel grate 70435 600 x 600 600 35.3

‘Polycrete’ polymer concrete pits for all applications
Product Part No. Width
Pit 77003 300 x 300 450 19.0
Riser 77031 300 x 300 300 13.6
Medium duty steel grate 78665 - - 3.3

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