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contains runoff Effective & safe to contain runoff and provide slip resistance ACO Self aesthetic drains Feature grate designs to contrast with pavements ACO Self elegant drainage pits Simple and effective pit solutions ACO Self barrier drainage Barrier drainage to intercept water along entrances ACO Self Robust durable drains Drains to withstand heavy storms and years of punishment ACO Self

ACO Self is a range of building products specifically designed for the residential builder and DIY enthusiast.

The products offer the same quality and design excellence as ACO’s commercial products, but are designed to meet the demands and budget of home owners.

ACO has been manufacturing and supplying residential products in Australia for over 25 years and worldwide for over 50 years. The range suits the home, office and garden in driveways, patios, alfresco areas, across garages and patios.

A choice of drainage bodies in plastic or durable polymer concrete is offered with a selection of grates including different slot and material options.

ACO Self is available across Australia.

The range includes:

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Drainage For Residential Builder Or DIY

Introducing GALALINE

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Hexaline 100 – robust plastic trench drains

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